Blaming Japhy Rider: Memoir of a Dharma Bum Who Survived
Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D.


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The one page version for the argument against Berkeley, Hume, Locke, Marx, Engels, Mao and all the materialists. So we can expect China, N Korea, and Cuba to fall, and Russia to have some trouble. The full argument is in the document above.


The ten point illustration of my proof of the existence of God.


 "Common Cents" vol. 2

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Commentary and Interpretation of Jack Kerouac’s 1958 Essay, “The Essentials of Spontaneous Prose.”

by Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D.



Report on Investigation of Delayed Aeromedical Evacuation of Injured Peace Corps Volunteers in Togo by Ofice of Compliance Raul N. Rodriguez, Inspector General January 1980. 

The scan came out to light to read in many places.  I will try it again at a higher resolutions.  About 140 pages 49 for the report and the rest exhibits.  The death certificate on the last two pages is legible.



Language and groups

The language of groups seems particularly primitive and a note from the origins of language may help us understand what they are doing and may also help us work with them.  The following is mere speculation and not published matter on the subject but it helps illustrate a point.  If it leads you to want to know more about the subject I would recommend Derek Bickerton’s, The Origins of Language.

In that book, Bickerton argues that just as there is a two stage process in the language of children today, so is there a two-step progress in the development of language in the species.  For him, the two stages are first, a stage where a child or a primitive tribe speaks only in one or two words or fixed phrases, and second, a stage that seems to come out of nowhere with full grammar including complex sentences. 

There was a tribe of pigmies in New Guinea who were reported by other tribes to exist, but they were never found.  The interesting thing about them in these reports was that they could understand speech but could not use it except in group chants of just a few words.

In arguing that group psychology and the failure of communism are due to primitivism, we are forced to wonder if this new guinea tribe was still completely tribal like a child at the two word stage mentioned in the previous paragraph and that this is the reason that group speak is so primitive.  Perhaps in the tribal part of the brain there is no grammar, just words and memorized phrases and no ability to relate them. This would explain why certain words, conjunctions for example, are a problem for maintaining group-speak. If a group is saying hunt hunt hunt or lynch lynch lynch or Go bears, it is loath to hear someone say, usually in a drawn out way, “becaaaaause?” “aaaanndd? And so forth as though the entirety of their speech bubble has been deflated. 


A few phrases on the history of anthropology what was known at marx time and then familial relations and patriarchal matriarl etc – don’t forget those on matrilateral matriarchy and sexual anarchy.