Blaming Japhy Rider: Memoir of a Dharma Bum Who Survived
Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D.
On the Cover Art

The cover was designed by myself with a one-paragraph prose statement which I gave to an artist friend from high-school, Dan e. Burr who happens to be an award winning graphic illustrator specializing in underground type comix since the late 60's.  A short profile is below.  His interpretation of the paragraph naturally reflects his years of experience with art and the beat, prankster, hip movements that welcomed and deeveloped that sort of art. 

The prose statement I wrote represnted my interpretation of one of the key themes of the memoir and his work took it into the world of visual art via his experience, interpretive skills, personal take on the subject matter. 

For a discussion of the cover, see the youtube video below.  To see the excerpt it refers to see the "Preview" page on this web site.


On the Cover Art for Blaming Japhy Rider:


Cover artist:  Dan E.  Burr


Graphic artist of many years focusing on and wel-known in the underground comix market but also with main stream publishers.  His credentials include many covers and ads in underground newspapers from  the early 70s, A number of graphic novels, graphic stories and song interpretations for  Grateful Dead Comix and so forth.  He has won a number of awards and is well-known in this area. 

Here are some links:

From that link:

“Together with author James Vance, Dan Burr is a winner of the comic industry’s Eisner and Harvey awards for the graphic novel Kings In Disguise. Dan has also produced a number of historical comics for the DC/Paradox Big Book series, and he has worked extensively for Golden Books and other publishers doing illustrations for children’s educational materials. The Disappearance of Ambrose Bierce is an homage by Dan and Mort Castle to the style of Mad Magazine’s great Will Elder. Of late, Dan has been concentrating on portraiture and caricature work, a sampling of which can be viewed at, and in Graphic Classics: Arthur Conan Doyle.”

From reviews:  Kings in Disguise was praised by the likes of Art Spiegelman, Neil Gaiman, and Alan Moore. It won two Eisner Awards and has been hailed as one of the ten best graphic novels of all time (Guardian).

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Graphic Comic:  ECONOMIX: How Our Economy Works and Doesn't Work, published by Abrams and soon to be on the market (September).  The author is Michael Goodwin, Dan E. Burr illustrator.