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Scratcher Tax the Rich

In a discussion of a fair tax, we much necessarily consider a guideline of sorts, and of course, that guideline needs to be determined by the voters.  There is a lot of never ending back and forth about flat taxes, pay as you go, and a lot of other hot button, go nowhere ideas that guarantee that gridlock will continue, the wealthy will remain unaccountable, and the votes will continue to be sucked into the gaping maws of the Luciferian 1%. 


One consideration might be popular with the voters.  The voters do now want a communist distribution of wealth independent of contribution or even independent of dumb luck.  They do not want their Graham Bells and their Harrison Fords to be punished for their talent and they do not want their great aunt sally who just one the publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes to be thrown back into poverty, and they do not want the wealthy or the government to take away these profits just because they have created laws and manipulated the vote to feed the dough into the pockets of these lifeless, soulless sociopaths who merely said “they can’t handle it” or “we really did it” or strangely “THEY stole it.” 

So why don’t we get a bill on the table for a scratcher tax.  Perhaps the lawyers can call it a windfall tax.  One possible iteration of this is that anyone who makes more than 6 figures in one year pays the scratcher tax on anything above that.  No excuses, no loopholes.




Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D.

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